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Bark City Sitting LLC

Specialized pet sitting services in Long Beach, California. Dog walks, drop-in visits, house sitting, and more!

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About Us!

     Welcome to the Bark City Sitting Pack! My name is Maddie, and I am the proud owner of Bark City Sitting LLC. My journey of pet sitting started in Long Beach in April of 2019. As of April 2021, I am excited to announce the official launching of Bark City Sitting LLC! Bark City Sitting offers necessity pet sitting services with a luxurious feel. With us, you can expect your pet to receive the best and most attentive care that is uniquely adjusted to your pet's needs and preferences. As pet owners, we know that our beloved furry friends have unique personalities. At Bark City Sitting, we prioritize providing every pet we service with adequate space, attention, and care.


     We offer various inclusive pet care-related services that either take place in your home or around your local neighborhood. We currently offer seven different services: overnight house-sittings, active day care, dog walks, exotic pet care and more!


     Whether you own a cat, dog, or caged pet, we can design a care plan that fits their every need! Does your pet have separation anxiety? We can offer constant companionship while you're away for the day! Does your dog have endless energy while you're trying to work from home? Book a walk or a dog park trip to burn off that midday energy! Need help taking your pet to the vet or with other pet-related errands? We offer pick-up and drop-off services for vet visits, grooming appointments, and more! Interested in learning more? Click the services tab to learn more!


Meet the Owner of
Bark City Sitting! 

Sitter, Walker, Photographer & Dog Enthusiast 



Dog Walks

Does your pup need a potty break or some midday exercise? We can help with midday relief!

*Consultation Required*

Dog Park Trips

Is your pup social, energetic, needs space to run? Book a dog park trip for a couple hours for socialization and lots of outdoor play!

*Consultation Required*

Drop-In Visits

Drop-in visits are great for cats, caged pets, and elderly dogs who only need in-home care. Flat rates available!

*Consultation Required*

House Sittings 

House-sittings are great for pets who prefer the comfort of their own home! Overnight care and two daily walks are included!

*Consultation Required*

Active Day Care 

Tag-along on pack walks, park trips, and all day play! 
An immersive experience for energetic pups.

*Consultation Required*

Pet Quests

Need help transporting your pet to their vet or grooming  appointments? We offer hourly rates for pick-up and drop-off services! 

*Consultation Required*

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