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Active Day Care

Tag-along on pack walks, park trips, and all day play! An immersive experience for energetic pups.

  • 15 min
  • $20-25 per hour
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

A first of it's kind and curated for the energetic pups who prefer a more active lifestyle. Through this service, your pet will tag-along with their pack of the day, and participate in all the scheduled outings for the day. While your dog is with us, they will be actively engaged in various outdoor activities which would include going on pack walks, park hoping, making new friends, and having an absolute blast! This immersive experience influences a physically and mentally healthy living for your beloved fur babies. Your dog will be allowed to engage in their natural behaviors, permitting stress relief, social learning, and healthy development. Dogs of all breeds and ages are welcome to join! Pet parents love to see their dogs having fun and being themselves while they are away. That is why we created Active Day Care, where your beloved pets can be treated to an active experience that will leave you feeling good while the pups are playing, exercising, and socializing outdoors. Pricing Deals <3 hours $25 per hour >3hours $20 per hour

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